Building a sustainably sourced future

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Bird's Eye is moving to
recycled plastic in our Steamfresh 750g
microwave steam bags


Our Ambitions



In 2024 we have brought our first Birds Eye plastic packaging to market that contains recycled material.

This is just the start of our packaging sustainability journey, and we are committed to increasing the use of recycled materials across all of our range.



Intentional packaging design to minimise the impact on earth's resources for future generations, so we can all come back for seconds.



We are doing our part by creating demand for recycled material in Australia that can be reused safely in our packaging and contribute to the circular packaging economy.

This is part of our continued commitment to the national packaging targets to be 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable.

All our packaging is designed to be recovered in the Australian waste stream and have a second life.



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