Building a sustainable future


    Bird's Eye is moving to source
recycled content in
our 750g inners


Our Ambitions



In 2024, we launched recycled content into our Steamfresh packaging to replace a non-recyclable component with a recyclable monostructure.



Improve the recyclability of plastics within the Birds Eye brand to contribute to packaging circularity.



We are striving to source PCR material locally in Australia and increase the percentage of recycled content from 2026.



Questions and Answers


1. Why are we only including 22% PCR when other brands have a higher percentage of PCR?

There is currently limited availability of the recycled plastic blend that is required for frozen products on a global scale. This blend differs from other plastics across the supermarket and the inherit nature of frozen products poses different challenges. While we can only bring you 22% in our SteamFresh 750g inner bags for now, we have great ambitions to continue to increase our recycled content.


2. When will you increase the level of recycled content in the Birds Eye range?

We are currently procuring our PCR from overseas where availability is very limited. We are working closely with Amcor, and will look to source further PCR content generated out of Australia as it becomes available. Our goal is to increase our recycled material further across the Birds Eye range from 2026.


3. How is post consumer recycled plastic made?

Rather than go to landfill, PCR plastic undergoes advanced recycled plastic processing and is recycled back and used again for packaging production. This eliminates first use plastic and contributes to a circular packaging model.


4. What other sustainability initiatives is Birds Eye involved in?

Along with our packaging journey, Birds Eye is committed to producing locally grown vegetables across Australia to support farmers, communities and the earth and only sourcing fish that is responsibly sourced.

You can learn more about our seed to plate story and MSC certification here.



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