Frozen Vegetables


SteamFresh Vegetables
Birds Eye SteamFresh vegetables are snap frozen within hours of harvest, locking in the fresh taste and goodness. The steamer packs go straight from the freezer into the microwave, giving you the delicious flavour of nutritious steamed vegetables, without the fuss of preparation.

SteamFresh Rice
Steam cooking locks in flavor for perfect rice every time. The unique steam pyramids deliver perfect flavoursome and fluffy rice. Expertly prepared recipes with rice, vegetables, herbs and spices… with absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Perfect for small meals or side of plate option.

SteamFresh Vegetables with Cheese Sauce
Birds Eye SteamFresh Veg & Cheese combines flavoursome fresh vegetables with smooth, creamy cheese sauce. It’s the perfect partner to just about every meal.

SteamFresh Plus Grain & Vegetable mixes
Make mealtimes interesting with Birds Eye SteamFresh Plus’. ‘The range combines premium and delicious ingredients such as couscous, quinoa and brown rice with chunky vegetable pieces and subtle flavour seasonings.

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